Manual Sync

The user of this section is able to initiate manual syncs and further view their previous sync log. There are two types of manual syncs : category manual sync and product manual sync

{warning} Note: Before starting any sync , a user needs to configure both flexiPIM Setting page and BigCommerce Setting page. Otherwise, a manual sync will not take place.

Category Manual Sync

To initiate a category manual sync, an user needs to select the Category option from manual sync dropdown which is present in the right top corner of the sync page

{warning} Note: Before starting product sync, the user would also need to do Attribute Mapping for bigcommerce default attribute otherwise product manual sync will not be possible.

Product Manual Sync

This page will show a list of categories from flexiPIM which are not added in BigCommerce. Stakeholders can use this page to move categories from flexiPIM to BigCommerce.