This screen helps users to configure BigCommerce connection.

Configuring BigCommerce Store

  • X- Auth- Client: BigCommerce clientID
  • X-Auth_Token: BigCommerce client token
  • Store Hash: BigCommerce store hash

The flexiPIM connector will work only if the above details are provided, and will not be able to sync products or categories from flexiPIM through flexiPIM BigCommerce connector.

{primary} Note: Above mentioned details are obtained from BigCommerce Admin Site. Below are the steps that explain how to generate the API key

Step 1: Click on the 'Advanced Settings' on BigCommerce Store Admin site 


Step 2: Under Advanced settings, click on 'API Accounts' 


Step 3: Click on 'Create API Account' button 


Step 4: Create API Account by entering 'Create API Account' form. Set Content and 
        Products OAuth scope from None to Modify. These scopes are required to 
        access the BigCommerce store from flexiPIM 

Step 5: On submitting 'Create API Account' form, a modal will be shown with the
        above-said details required by flexiPIM to connect with your BigCommerce 


Step 6: The downloaded file contains the same details along with 'Store 
        Hash value'