Steps to run a Configuration

Step 1: Fill the Configuration Page

Configuration page has four subsections:

  • General Settings
  • Configuration
  • Product Settings
  • Notification

General Settings

The following table contains fields and the purpose of the fields in general settings.

Fields Purpose
API URL flexiPIM API link (Provided by us when you become a flexiPIM User)
API Key flexiPIM authorization token (Generated by user itself in their flexiPIM login - refer flexiPIM user guide to learn more)
API Pagination limit Dropdown with the numeric value which defines the number of records to be returned by flexiPIM API in single API calls (by default it will be set to 200)

In addition to the above fields, it has a test connection button used to verify value entered in API URL and API Key fields.



This section has two fields channel and language mapping:


This is a dropdown field with a list of channels defined in your flexiPIM Application. Users need to select a particular channel associated with the Magento 1 site.

Language Mapping

This section is used for multi-language purposes. If users have a multi-store view in their Magento 1 site - in this section, they need to map flexiPIM languages for each store view respectively.


Product Setting

This section has the Default Tax Class dropdown field. Here, users can define their Product Tax Class for Products Imported from flexiPIM.


And then click the Save Config button on the top right of the configuration page to save entered data.